Exchange of knowledge and experience - project participants from Piastów learned about Scandinavian good examples of blue-green infrastructure

The study tour carried out as part of the project entitled “Creating a green and blue infrastructure in the city of Piastów” took place in September 2022. It was attended by representatives of the Piastów municipality workers and these Polish Green Roofs Association members who actively participated in the project work.

The tour was organised under the leadership of the Norwegian project partner Norwegian Association for Green Infrastructure. In line with the project's objectives, its aim was to provide visitors from Poland with knowledge, training materials and inspiration on the planning and design of blue-green infrastructure and nature based solutions applied in the urban environment.

Participants of the study tour had the opportunity to learn about examples of pro-ecological activities from Scandinavian countries. They visited many well-known examples of green and green-blue infrastructure from Copenhagen in Denmark, Malmo in Sweden and Oslo in Norway.

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