Polish Green Roof Association (PGRA) gather together 123 members interested in green roofs and living walls issues. They are researches, architects, consultants, appraisers, inspectors and technical supervisors, professional press journalists, lawyers, employees of governmental and municipalities organizations as well as students.

Polish Green Roof Association is a member of the Federation of Engineering Associations – FSNT-NOT, which is Polish organization of over 170 years history. This organization unites and co-ordinates 39 professional Associations of all branches of engineers and technicians in Poland (ca. 100 300 individual members altogether). From 2014  Polish Green Roof Association is a member of EFB (European Federation of Association of Green Roofs and Living Walls) and from 2017 is a member of WGIN (World Green Infrastructure Network).

PGRA inspires specialists involved with green roofs and living walls issues and serves as the source of information, news and resources dealing with planning, execution and upkeeping of green roofs and living walls as well as the place where everyone can share their experience. The aim of the Association is to spread highly specialized knowledge by organising training courses, conferences and workshops. 

Very important and common activity of all members of the Association is the cooperation with municipal offices, contributing to creation of  local and/or national policy concerning importance of green infrastructure to cities. An equally important purpose is to create nationwide guideline that will stimulate installation of bigger number of green roofs and living walls on new and existing buildings and will helps to understand how many benefits this kind of urban greenery can brings. Therefore, in recent years Association closer co-operates with municipalities and other NGO.