Workshop within the project "Creating a green and blue infrastructure in the city of Piastów"

At the end of May 2023, a workshop was held within the framework of the project entitled: "Creating a green and blue infrastructure in the city of Piastów". The aims of the project is to strengthen the city's resilience to the negative effects of climate change, raise public awareness of this issue, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local community level.

The workshop was conducted by representatives of the project partners: the Polish Green Roofs Association (PSDZ) and the Norwegian Association for Green Infrastructure (NFGI).

The aim of the workshop was to make participants aware of the complexity of green-blue infrastructure issues and to present relevant aspects from the point of view of other professionals, as well as to raise awareness about the role of green-blue infrastructure and its impact on the urban microclimate.

On 29 and 30 May 2023, two Workshop entitled " BLUE–GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE AS A TOOL OF THE CITY FOR PREVENTING ADVERSE CLIMATE CHANGE" took place. The first day workshop was attended by municipality workers, councillors, teachers and architects. The second day was dedicated to students from Piastow secondary schools.

The recording of the first day of the workshop can be seen here:

The recording of the second day of the workshop (for students) can be seen here::

Project „Creating a green and blue infrastructure in the city of Piastów” has a comprehensive character, taking into account adaptation, mitigation and educational activities, which are coherent and interrelated.

Currently, preparation for the implementation of green infrastructure investments that are part of the project are in the process.

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